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2021 Budget – Securing Australia’s Economic Recovery

Last night’s Federal Budget announcement is a continuation of post-pandemic economic recovery with a focus on infrastructure projects, creating jobs and supporting women, aged care and child care. The economy is recovering with the unemployment rate at 5.6%, now lower

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Fredricko is thriving in his new career!

At the age of 38 and after 23 years working in the hospitality industry as a chef, Fredricko was looking for a change and, while he wasn’t quite sure what that change would be, after seeing an ad on Seek

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Blending teams of different generations

Boomers & X’ers versus Millennials – How to Make the Team Work! In the work place, Boomers (and X’ers) often perceive Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s (often referred to as Millennials) as flighty and unreliable. Always on their phones, never

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Working teams – How to build an effective buddy system

On-boarding new employees (including new apprentices and trainees) is extremely important for providing a positive first impression of your company, which also contributes to happy productive staff, less bullying, positive staff retention and ultimately, cost savings for your business. A

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Is it a Career or is it a Job?

This week is National Careers Week (18-24 May) and, although we are all going through unprecedented and turbulent times (thanks Covid-19), many of us have a little extra time on our hands so it may also be the perfect time

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