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Our History

The Apprenticeship Community is a national collaboration between a group of organisations with a long history of supporting skills growth in Australia. Our collaborating organisations are all contracted by the Australian government to deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Network services.

Every partner is driven with a vision to help connect people through work-based training in apprenticeships and traineeships across Australia.

The Apprenticeship Community History

The collaboration formed in 2014, when BUSY At Work, CoAct and Far North Community Services came together to provide on the ground support services to  apprentices and trainees, helping to create stronger workforces.

BUSY At Work is a recognised leader in Australian apprenticeship and traineeship services, with over 40 years history in supporting skills and work opportunities in local communities. Their scope of expertise extends to supply, administration, mentoring and advisory, regulation and training.

CoAct is a national network of locally-embedded community service providers working together to create social and economic opportunities for Australia’s disadvantaged. 

The Apprenticeship Community has a strong focus on community and we use “the power of many” to ensure opportunities are created and support is available to assist employers and apprentices in their partnership to success.

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