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Job Hunting Tips & Tricks

First, We Must Find The Job

Did you know a high percentage (around 60%) of all jobs are not advertised? That means impeccable timing and loads of networking could be your best strategy! ​

Nail The Application!

We give you insider tips on what employers are looking for and how to increase your chances of being placed on the shortlist pile.​

Cover Letters

Cover letters are like a very important first impression. We show you the 3-step method to nailing it, every time.

Responding To Key Selection Criteria

Completing Key Selection Criteria can be intimidating but we give you the tips & tricks of the pros to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Congratulations! You Have An Interview

You've made it to interview, awesome you! We've got some pointers on how to ace it.

You've Been Offered The Job - WOO-HOO!

We show you how to professionally negotiate your conditions and make a great first impression. ​

Finding work can be a real challenge and can test the best of us. We’re here to help with our valuable fountain of knowledge and insights into what employers are looking for.

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