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Group Training Organisations

Group Training Organisations (or GTOs) employ apprentices and trainees, under an apprenticeship or traineeship contract, and place them with host employers.

GTOs are like an employer for apprentices and trainees, carefully selecting them for the host business and managing the apprentice or trainee entitlements including wages, superannuation and other benefits.

A GTO will support the apprentice or trainee by managing the quality and continuity of training and providing additional care and ongoing support to ensure the successful completion of the qualification. They will often assist apprentices and trainees into sustainable employment upon completion of the qualification.

Group Training Organisations Reduce Risk and Save Time for Business Owners!

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) are a great support to busy owners of small and medium sized businesses. They offer the opportunity of engaging and training an apprentice or trainee, where they may otherwise consider it too risky or time-consuming. Ultimately, this benefits the business with skills development and future staffing, as they may decide to then employ the graduated apprentice or trainee in their business.

There are GTOs all across Australia and some serve particular industries (for example retail, construction, hospitality, community services and many more),  while others can cater for an entire region and cover many industries.

What do Group Training Organisations Do?

GTOs handle all of the Government paperwork, organise and monitor training, and assume worker’s compensation responsibilities. A key feature of the group training approach is the emphasis on mentoring and support for trainees and apprentices. This boosts retention and completion rates and ensures the best possible fit with the needs of host employers.

Why use Group Training Organisations?

  1. Your business may not have the time to manage the ongoing requirements of recruitment, industrial relations, payroll and performance management.
  2. Your business may be unable to offer an apprentice / trainee a full-time opportunity because of uncertainty of ongoing work.
  3. Your business may be unable to offer the full scope of work required to ensure the apprentice / trainee meets all requirements of their training plan. For instance, industries like Construction and Electrical where businesses may specialise in a particular part of a trade.

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