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Useful Videos

When exploring career possibilities, sometimes it helps to just sit back, make yourself comfy and watch a whole heap of videos from people in the know.

Listen to first-hand, real experiences from apprentices or trainees in a range of industries including horticulture, business, community services, health and community services and many more!

You got popcorn right?

Tales from the Inside

Watch what others like you have experienced when choosing their career path.

The Metal Fabricator: Patrick’s Story

The Horticulturalist: Chris’s Story

The Marketing Manager: Hannah’s Story

The Youth Worker: Brendan’s Story

The Carpenter: Richard’s Story

The Audiometrist: Markeeta’s Story

The Process Chemist: Joshua’s Story

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer: Rachel’s Story

The Tour Guide: Pamela’s Story

The Electrical Linesman: Joshua’s Story

The Nurse: Gloria’s Story

The Interior Designer: Nathan’s Story

The Chef: Colin’s Story

The Personal Assistant: Abbey’s Story

The Plumber: Ross’s Story

The Direct Care Assistant: Madeline’s Story

The Motorcycle Mechanic: Brenden’s Story

The Frontline Manager: Philadelphia’s Story

The IT Student: James’s Story

The Hairdresser: Jessica’s Story

The Store Manager: Josiah’s Story

The Mechanic: Courtney’s Story

The Indigenous Field Officer: Sally’s Story

The Fitter and Machinist: Melinda’s Story

Apprenticeships in Perth

The Diesel Mechanic: Joel’s Story

Traineeships in Perth

The Learning Support Assistant: Eylish’s Story

Apprenticeships in Perth

The Childcare Centre Director: Miranda’s Story

Traineeships in Perth

The Estimator: Warwick’s Story

Apprenticeships in Perth

The Baker: Morgan’s Story

Sign Writer Jobs

The Signwriter: Mitchell’s Story

Age Care Careers Perth

The Aged Care Worker: Caitlin’s Story

Certificate 3 Business Perth

The Human Resources Administrator: Ashleigh’s Story

Certificate 3 in dental assisting

The Dental Assistant: Jane’s Story

Traineeships in Perth

The Network Designer: Saadat’s Story

Apprenticeships in Perth

The Farmer: Alistair’s Story

Mechanical apprenticeships

The Automotive Mechanic: Sevag’s Story

Diploma of Management

The Business Manager: Sharine’s Story

Further Information for Job Seekers

Watch any of the below for insights into becoming an apprentice or trainee

Apprenticeships in Perth

Hot Tips and Your Rights as an Apprentice or Trainee – Fair Work Australia

The Apprenticeship Community Perth

School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Further Information for Employers

Watch any of the below for insights into hiring apprentices or trainees in your business

Real Prospects: Australian Apprenticeships for Employers

Grow your Business!

How a Trainee can help your Business

Hairdressing Apprenticeships Perth

The Value of Australian Apprenticeships

Carpenter Apprenticeships

What 30 Years in the Building Trade Teaches You

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