Student career guidance

Support for Teachers

Teachers and Career Advisors play an important role in a young person's future career path.

Who knows? Your students could be instrumental in changing the world! Maybe they will find a cure for cancer, solve an environmental issue - or finally create a workable hover-board.

To help you to guide and inspire your students, we’ve created a series of career planning resources to support your students when exploring their strengths, styles and passions.

Supporting exciting career paths!

The Apprenticeship Community can provide support and information to your school regarding apprenticeship and traineeship pathways for students.  This includes information on part-time school-based apprenticeship or traineeships or a full time career pursuit upon leaving school.

We provide schools and teachers with user friendly career tools and resources to assist students explore their career options and pathways.


Useful Videos

Share videos with your students to find out what others say about entering certain career paths. 

Career Quizzes

Students can take quizzes to find out more about themselves and gain insights into what career choices may suit them.

Job Hunting Tips

Share these job hunting tips with students - how to find a job, apply for a job, nail an interview and land a job!

Job Jumpstart

An Australian Government initiative that has tools for assessing young people's work preferences & more.

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