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We recognise that every workplace is different, so at the Apprenticeship Community we can individually tailor the recruitment support you require, offering a range of support services to make your life easier.

Our recruitment services are at no cost to your business and we reach thousands of job seekers all over Australia who are ready and willing to work.

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Our Recruitment Services

Gateway Services

Gateway Services support people into career paths that they are passionate about, ensuring a perfect match for employers, their business and the industry. We fit ‘round pegs into round holes’.

Gateway Services is a NO-COST recruitment service for sourcing an apprentice or trainee for your business. We identify the right people for the right job through screening, testing and suitability-matching, prior to sign-up. 

With over 40 years’ experience in employment and training services, our Gateway Services are contributing to successful outcomes for job seekers, businesses and industry.

In-Training Support

As an employer, working, training and supporting the growth of another person can be challenging for many reasons, including busy workloads or managing and understanding younger generations.

In-Training Support aims to address and solve these issues before they negatively affect your apprentice, your business and other employees. And we are just a phone call away when you need advice.

You can also access mentoring support for your apprentice or trainee.

A mentor can free up your time to focus on the business, while making a positive impact on staff retention rates.

In-Training Support is at no cost to your business and we have supported thousands of businesses just like yours. We keep apprentices or trainees on track to successfully complete their qualification.

Contracted to deliver these Australian Government Funded Initiatives

Through a range of Australian Government initiatives that the Apprenticeship Community are contracted to provide, we can assist with many recruitment service options for your business. These include: 

Australian Apprentice Support Network (AASN)

Supporting your business to source and sign up an apprentice or trainee, find a suitable qualification, lodge eligible incentives claims and other ongoing support.

Australian Government funding is available for eligible employers of up to $4000 and depending on what state you are in, state government funding is also available in some states, including up to $20,000 for Queensland 

Find out more about hiring apprentices and trainees for your business.

Transition to Work – Boosting Youth Employment Opportunities

The Transition to Work program is an Australian Government initiative to improve youth employment opportunities. It provides pre-employment support to increase confidence and skills in young job seekers and help them access opportunities such as work, apprenticeships and traineeships or education.

The recruitment service is free to employers and additionally, the Australian Government provides wage subsidies, of up to $6500 over 12 months, to help employers take on an eligible job seeker.

Once your new employee starts, we’ll provide post placement support to ensure they are settling into the job successfully.

jobactive – no-cost recruitment services

An Australian Government initiative, jobactive offers job search support to job seekers and no-cost recruitment services for employers looking for staff. These services can save your business time and money, with experienced employment consultants working with you to source and select the most suitable person for your business and the role.

Through the jobactive program, wage subsidies of up to $10,000 are available to employers who hire eligible Centrelink registered job seekers.  These particular job seekers include mature age persons (over 50 years of age), Indigenous, youth (15-24 years of age) and principal provider parents.

Learn more about Wage Subsidies

Supporting Australian Apprentices and Trainees with Disability

Apprentices with disability and their employers may be eligible to receive additional assistance under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program. Learn more about the range of assistance available.

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