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Simone is currently completing a traineeship Certificate III in Business with Maxima, in the Sustainability & External Relations (S&ER) department of a major mining company.

Maxima’s Indigenous Employment Program

Paving the Way for First Nations Opportunities

Maxima’s national Indigenous Employment Program is a First Nations-led business unit of Maxima with the general manager, business relationship manager and state program managers identifying as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. Since 2009, the IEP team has taken great pride in building genuine and sustainable career pathways for Australia’s First Peoples, delivering innovative programs to assist with sourcing, placing and support for a variety of opportunities across school-based traineeships, part-time and full-time traineeships, cadetship opportunities, and temporary and permanent recruitment solutions.

A Remarkable Six-Month Journey

Simone’s Training and Experience

Simone says she chose business because, “One day I dream about starting up a foundation for young girls. I wanted to gain more experience on how I can achieve this dream.”

Within six months of starting her traineeship Simone completed training with the S&ER, legal, supply chain, and document control departments, and she’s currently working with the HR team.

“All while being a mother to six children ranging from 6 to 18 years of age,” she shares. “This is a whole new world, not only have I learned work skills, but I’ve gained life skills too. This has made me believe in myself and now I know nothing is impossible.”

Empowering Skills and Knowledge

Simone’s Transformative Experience

Some of those skills include, “learning how to communicate and engage with people from different nationalities, backgrounds and culture, on a professional business level, as well as problem solving, multitasking, improved self-confidence and self-belief, time management, tech skills, relationship building, WHS in the workplace, managing work/life balance, and learning how to adapt to change by completing training in so many different departments within the company.”

Simone believes she’s gained an exceptional amount of knowledge and skills in an incredibly short period of time.

“I have learned so much about hidden talents I didn’t know existed, like how my life experiences have helped me apply some of those skills in the workplace. For example patience, problem solving, and multitasking.

“The adversities we face as Aboriginal people can have so much power when it comes to turning negative into positive,” she said.

This training has also empowered Simone to help train new employees, from educating her colleagues on Aboriginal culture, to teaching others how to use and access Maxima system software to complete tasks such as, “setting up access cards for new starters, meeting, greeting and check visitors in, and using the printer and INX to name a few.”

Simone’s Vision for the Future

Career Goals and Aspirations

Simone has completed practical on-the-job training as well as studying, which has helped her to assess and adjust her performance in the workplace and she’s confident that her training will open doors for her as a mature trainee and as a mum.

Getting back to the dream she started with Simone adds, “I’m hopeful that I will gain full time employment in my selected career path, to provide stability for my children’s future, and one day be able to help encourage and support Indigenous girls and women like me.”

Recognition and Nomination

Simone for Trainee of the Year 2023

Next up for Simone, she’s nominated for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trainee of the Year 2023 at the Apprentice Employment Network Western Australia Awards for Excellence.

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