Meet Connor, an Apprenticeship Community mentor

The goal of an Apprenticeship Community mentor is to support apprentices and trainees in successfully completing their qualifications. This includes giving advice on how to approach work-related issues and issues outside of work that could impact performance in the workplace. It can include assistance with navigating apprenticeship or traineeship challenges, and help with adjusting to the workplace and interpersonal communication skills.

Industry-skilled mentors meet with employers and employees as regularly as they would like to, sharing their understanding of the industry after many years of working within it.

If you’re interested in learning more about accessing mentoring services, schedule a chat at the link below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you soon.

Hi Connor, what is your role and responsibilities at the Apprenticeship Community?

I’m a Mentor and I support apprentices and trainees through any personal, financial, or training issues they’re having. I provide them with support, resources and solutions so they can focus on successfully progressing and completing their apprenticeship.

What do you love about the role?

I love being able to communicate. I love being able to make a difference in apprentices’ training experiences by taking stress off their shoulders. I’ve never worked in a workplace like this before, everyone is so welcoming, willing to listen and willing to help.

What’s a mentoring success story that you can share?

I was recently assisting a young apprentice who was facing some mental health challenges. Their employer reached out to me, looking to find some assistance and after speaking with them I was able to find a counsellor, mental health services, and local sports club to help him reconnect with friend groups. This helped to take some personal and work-related stress off his shoulders. He contacted me a week later to give me an update and his mental health had improved and he was much happier.

It’s great to make this kind of impact on someone’s life.

What mental health support do you provide for apprentices and trainees?

As a mentor, I am able to provide support and resources to people who are struggling with mental health concerns. As a young person, I understand how difficult mental health can be to stay on top of, especially when you have 1000 other things to deal with in your personal and work life. Sometimes all you need is an unbiased, neutral set of ears to talk to, confidentially. Someone who can put you on the right path to finding help for yourself.

It is okay to not be okay, and mentors are more than happy to listen and provide apprentices with resources and contacts to get them back on track.

What kind of challenges do you help apprentices with?

The challenges can sometimes be simple communication issues between the apprentice and either their registered Training Organisation (RTO) or their employer. These can usually be easily resolved by guiding the apprentice to make contact using the right channels, and with the right information.

How do you support them through this?

I provide resources and a neutral voice and perspective on the issues. This allows me to give advice without the stress that’s causing them frustration and confusion.

I also contact RTOs and provide contact information and resources for accessing applications. Mentors are best described as a middleman. If an apprentice or trainee has a problem, we know the solution. We build bridges for them to cross.

What would you say to an apprentice considering a mentor but not sure where to start, if it’s right for them, or how to get one?

I would absolutely recommend apprentices use a mentor as we’re here to provide confidential, unbiased advice and guidance. And if we’re unable to help directly, we can point you in the right direction to find a solution.

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