Mental Health Awareness Initiative

Are you Good to Go?

Before starting work each day, you should ask yourself one simple question: ‘Are you good to go?’ Being good to go is not just about having the right tools, safety gear or feeling fit and healthy, it’s also about being in a good state of mind. How are you feeling today? Are you tired, stressed or anxious? Are you feeling sad, low or depressed? If the answer is yes, the chances are you’re not good to go.

At The Apprenticeship Community, we want to make sure apprentices, trainees and their employers have the tools and support so that they can be mentally good to go. Which is why we’ve created the Good to Go Mental Health Awareness Initiative.

What is the Good to Go Mental Health Awareness Initiative?

Introducing Jared Stone, 2015 Australian Apprentice of the Year, and Good to Go Ambassador.

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