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Colleen Sturmfels – Operations Manager

Colleen manages operations for both the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) and Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers programs. She also oversees a team of Apprenticeship Field Officers, Recruitment and Career Advisors and Mentors. With a background in training organisations and AASN, she has a strong understanding of the sector.

“I’ve always been passionate about learning and the need for different pathways in education. Having two children who have done traineeships, I have a personal understanding of their value as well as the benefits of the support services that AASNs offer.

Colleen is relationship-focused, open and honest. Her strengths include bringing out the best in her teams to deliver exceptional service. She works hard but knows how to have fun too! Clients include Brindle Group, Lawleys Bakery’s and Red Rooster & Chicken Treat.


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