Future Apprentices and Trainees Ongoing Support

The Apprenticeship Community is committed to helping you enjoy your apprenticeship or traineeship, which is why you will have your own mentor during your journey.

Your mentor believes in you and is focused on helping you overcome any challenges you may face. They’ll assist you to develop your skills and abilities, giving you the best possible opportunity to complete your training and be a valued employee.

An Apprenticeship Community mentor will be in regular contact to track your progress and provide regular encouragement and feedback.

If you need assistance anytime, whether it’s workplace-related or personal, your mentor will be there to help.

An ear to listen, a brain to pick and a gentle nudge in the right direction.

An Apprenticeship Community support person mentor is someone who believes in you and is completely independent of your employer. The mentor partners with and works exclusively for you to draw out and develop your skills and abilities so you maximise your potential.

Many apprentices and trainees fail to complete training simply because of factors outside the workplace. Issues both in and outside the workplace create stress which may reduce the ability to function efficiently.

Our mentors have experienced their own challenges in the workplace over many years and bring their life skills and experiences to the table to enable you to overcome yours.

You’re always assured of a listening ear by someone who doesn’t judge and always seeks to enable you to find your unique solution. All conversations are absolutely confidential.

Results show mentoring works. Ninety per cent of apprentices/trainees who engage in The Apprenticeship Community’s mentoring program go on to complete their training.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

Sometimes the change is simply in the way you see your situation. Your Apprenticeship Community support person, looking from the outside in, can often provide a different way to see and approach your issue.

If you choose to engage with an Apprenticeship Community mentor, they will stay in regular contact to track progress in the situation you face and to provide regular encouragement and feedback.

Anytime you need assistance, whether it’s issues inside or outside your workplace affecting your ability to work, call a mentor on the numbers below.

Who do I call?

0417 244 513
0427 325 783
The Apprenticeship Community Mentoring Partnerships are funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.

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