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Hiring new staff can be time-consuming. But you may not be aware that it costs your business – both in outgoing expenses and reduced productivity. In fact, firing a problematic employee and hiring a new one can actually be more costly than dealing with the issues the employee is facing. This is particularly true when it comes to apprentices and trainees. 

If you have hired an apprentice or trainee in the past, you probably understand that:

  • They take time to develop into productive workers, but can be incredibly loyal
  • They are often new to the workforce and may need help to understand how to deal appropriately with issues that arise inside the workplace
  • They are a great investment for your business, provided you train them properly
  • They may be more likely to make mistakes in the beginning, but with the right supervision these mistakes can be turned into great learning experiences
  • Finding the right fit for your business can be tricky – if you find someone who is willing to learn and develop, you should do your best to retain them.

To help you retain and support your apprentices and trainees throughout their training, we’ve created a handy guide.

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