Apprentices In WA This One Is For You! Mining Is On The Rise Again

Currently, mining is the third largest contributor to the Australian economy, contributing for 6.9% of Gross Domestic Product. On top of this, the sector employs approximately 1.8% of the total workforce in Australia making it a worthwhile industry to look into if you’re searching for an apprenticeship.

Since 2016 the mining industry has been seeing growth. SEEK job ads in the mining sector increased 34% in May when compared to the same time last year, and this growth can be found across both the mining states (NT, QLD, WA, NSW) and non-mining states (VIC, SA, TAS). Despite this, WA and QLD continue to be the boom states. Permanent jobs within the industry are increasing which suggests a renewed confidence in the sector, which is good news for apprentices.

Why mining?

Mining has huge potential for anyone interested in the industry. The average salary in the mining, resources and energy sector sits at $112, 799.

There’s also a variety of occupations within the mining industry; the roles that saw the biggest contribution to growth in job opportunities were in areas such as engineering and maintenance (22.4%), operations (18.2%) and drill and blast (4.1%). This means there are plenty of ways to get into the mining industry, regardless of your strengths and skills.

What is the pathway?

For anyone looking at getting into the mining industry, there are more than 100 occupations to choose from.

Traditional trades within the industry can include:

– Caterer
– Electrician
– Machinist
– Fitter
– Diesel and plant mechanic
– Metal fabricator
– Driller
– Equipment operator
– Truck driver
– Miner

While the mining industry may conjure up images of traditional trade roles such as the ones mentioned above, there are also plenty of opportunities to go down the professional pathway.

Professional pathways include:

– Accountant
– Civil/structural engineer
– Electrical engineer
– Community relation officer
– Geological engineer
– Geoscientist
– Health and safety officer
– Human resources officer
– Legal officer
– Surveyor

Getting into the mining industry via an apprenticeship is a great option because it allows you to develop practical skills while also earning money. Because there is such a huge variety of jobs, you can choose to complete an apprenticeship that aligns with your passion and then apply it to a job within the mining industry. Trades such as electricians, carpenters, welders and boilermakers are all in demand while trades such as mechanic and chef also offer opportunities within the industry.

Alternatively, professional pathways may require specialised degrees which are a good way to build on initial qualifications and advance in your career if you want to pursue further study.


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