Why apprenticeships and traineeships are a smart move for your business

Whether you want to grow your business or simply strengthen your existing operations, investing in your staff is essential to stay at the top of your game.

One of the most cost-efficient ways to invest in staff and improve your bottom line is to hire an apprentice or trainee, or engage existing staff in an apprenticeship or traineeship.

“They’re often an overlooked element when developing a business strategy, but the value of apprenticeships and traineeships are substantial”, says Jo Eagle, The Apprenticeship Community’s State Manager.

Apprenticeships and traineeships offer many benefits for employers. Here are our top fivereasons to consider apprenticeships and traineeships as part of your business strategy:

1. A well-trained workforce strengthens business operations

Investment in staff is crucial to ensuring operational excellence and continuous improvement in your business. It’s also a significant factor in driving your business’ competitive advantage.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a great vehicle for you to train and develop both new and existing staff. By investing in a well-trained workforce, you are ensuring that your staff are receiving the most up-to-date education and training in your industry.

With over 600 apprenticeship and traineeship courses currently available, choosing an option that is highly targeted to the needs of your business is easy. Training achieves a nationally-recognised qualification that is developed by the specific industry. Because much of the training is done at your workplace, the skills acquired by your apprentice or trainee can be customised and relevant to the needs of your business.

What’s the result? Skilled, knowledgeable apprentices or trainees that provide positive input to your business. The practical skills and knowledge they gain is something they can pass on to the entire team, creating stimulated and thriving workplace well-equipped to deliver operational excellence.

2. Increase staff retention and morale

One of the best ways to increase staff retention and morale is to demonstrate that you are willing to invest in your team. Offering new or existing staff the opportunity to train or upskill through apprenticeships/traineeships will create confident, loyal employees that respect that you are investing in them.

Taking on an apprenticeship/traineeship encourages staff to think of their job long-term, as a career. They will see that their training makes them an integral part of your workforce, meaning you can hold on to your best staff for longer (which also saves you time and money in ongoing recruitment costs).

When staff are satisfied with their role and see their value as an employee, their morale is increased, in turn increasing their output, commitment and support of your business objectives.

3. Drive innovation

There is a lot that can be learnt from the learner. Apprentices and trainees often bring a fresh approach and positive attitude to the workplace. Because new apprentices and trainees often hold little experience in their field of training, they generally have a unique perspective and can bring new ideas to your business. Existing staff that take on an apprenticeship or traineeship also provide a unique perspective, as they are challenged to learn new things and re-think their existing processes and skills.

Apprentices and trainees can provide you with a fresh approach and challenge your thinking – a key factor in promoting innovation and new ideas. They often challenge the traditional methods of operations and shine a light on where improvements can be made. This fresh approach can have a positive knock-on effect on their fellow colleagues, encouraging company-wide innovation and improvements.

4. Increase your community engagement

By taking on apprentices or trainees and providing real career pathways, your business will demonstrate that it is committed to investing in your local community and its members. This drives a positive perception of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, and you’ll be seen as a professional, progressive company – which is good for attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and obtaining future high-quality staff.

5. They are cost-effective and flexible

Where eligible, the Australian Government provides a range of financial assistance to businesses that invest in apprenticeships and traineeships. Apprenticeships and traineeships offer flexibility in both their training and delivery options, giving employers the freedom to choose the most appropriate qualification and whether training is to be delivered part-time or full-time delivery of training.

Based on your business needs, goals and financial situation, you can choose from school-based apprenticeships or traineeships that require less supervisory and financial commitment from employers, all the way through to adult and mature-age apprentices or trainees whose life skills can add volumes of value to your business. Existing employees can also undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship, saving you time and money in recruitment costs.

The verdict?

It’s clear that apprenticeships and traineeships can offer a range of benefits to employers. They contribute to a well-trained, motivated workforce that can drive innovation and community engagement.

Jo says it’s time for employers to understand that apprenticeships and traineeships offer value to businesses well past staff obtaining their qualification: “These are highly valuable qualifications that provide training not just to meet the needs of your business now, but to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to help take your business into the future.

Time to hire an apprentice or trainee?

Your Recruiter is a complimentary service offered by The Apprenticeship Community for employers looking for an apprentice or trainee at any stage of their apprenticeship/traineeship. We use proven career assessment tools to connect employers with the right candidates to suit your business needs. Our experienced careers team manage the entire recruitment process, saving you time and money.

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