RUOK Day 2018

Before starting work each day, you should ask yourself one simple question: ‘Are you good to go?‘ Being good to go is not just about having the right tools, safety gear or feeling fit and healthy, it’s also about being in a good state of mind.

Today is RUOK day – Australia’s national day of promoting action and awareness to prevent suicide, and of encouraging open conversation around mental health. Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for men and women between the ages of 15-44 in Australia, with 8 people taking their lives every single day?

Our Good to Go Mental Health Awareness initiative has been designed to raise awareness and ignite discussion about the importance of good mental health in the workplace. The Apprenticeship Community works with mental health organisations Black Dog Institute andMATES in Construction to offer valuable resources including our 24/7 helpline, professional mentoring services, a workplace mental health toolkit and a handy phone app to keep your mental health in check. If you, or someone you know would benefit from out Good2Go initiative, then head over to the website now and check it out!

Our construction industry is hit particularly hard by suicide, with research indicating that every year 190 Australians working in the construction industry will take their lives. Unfortunately, the fast-changing nature of the work,along with the long and odd hours and the general “tough it up” attitude of the industry are not congruent of an environment which promotes open discussion of feelings and emotions.

MATES in Construction was created in 2008 in response to these alarming trends, aiming to provide suicide awareness and prevention programs for building and construction workers and their families. We at The Apprenticeship Community are a collaborator with MATES in Construction, and we continue to work together to ensure apprentices, trainees and their employers have the tools and support so that they can be mentally healthy and feel supported.

This RUOK Day, construction, mining and energy sites will be “Flying the Flag” for suicide prevention an awareness all across Australia. Last year, close to 20,000 workers over 250 construction sites flew the MATES in Construction flag a sign of mateship, community and support for the each other.

For more information on how you can start up a talk to a mate you think may be struggling, visit the RUOK website. Just one conversation can save a life.

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