Predictions of a skills shortage in civil construction in Perth and WA

Australia’s Eastern states appear to be experiencing something of an infrastructure boom. Sydney and Melbourne in particular are luring Perth’s best and brightest civil engineers and construction professionals with big salaries and promises of plenty of jobs.

But with the Western Australian Government already investing heavily in projects like the Forrestfield Airport Link, and a further $1.8 billion pledged towards key roads and public transport infrastructure, there will be significant demand for skilled workers in the West. Will your firm be ready to meet this demand?

Recruitment consultant, Hays, is already predicting a skills shortage in civil construction in Perth and its surrounds*. Which means now is the time to plan ahead for your firm’s future, and build your next generation workforce through apprenticeships.

When you hire an apprentice, you not only build the skills capacity within your business, but you also free-up your existing employees to focus on their areas of expertise.

And aside from the obvious benefits of bringing in fresh blood to your business, hiring an apprentice also makes sense from a financial point of view. There are significant wage subsidies available and other incentive payments for which your business may be eligible. You can also take advantage of the WA payroll tax exemption.

The Apprenticeship Community is very experienced in dealing with apprentices and employers in the building and construction industries – in fact, in 2016 the building and construction industry was our most popular sector among new apprentices.

If you want to take the hassle out of hiring your next employee, why not give The Apprenticeship Community a call today.

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